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2012 Toynota/Rangerville Calendar

You're invited to download and print the 2012 Toynota/Rangerville Calendar.
Calendar Cover

I wish I could send each and every one of you a copy of the 2012 Toynota/Rangerville Calendar. Alas, that's simply not possible. However, I thought the next best thing would be to make it as easy as I could for my friends to be able to print one or more for themselves.

Using the instructions below it's easy to download and print the calendars on your own printer. Or, load the file onto a USB drive or CD to take to a print shop along with these instructions.

First, take a look at the photo pages, shown below, to decide if you want one on your wall or to give as a gift. In addition to the photos, this year's calendar has many non-standard holidays. More info on any of these wacky holidays may be found at this link to the HolidayInsights.com website.

If you decide you do want a Toynota/Rangerville Calendar of your own, then click on the pdf link graphic below the slideshow to download a pdf file containing all the photo and month pages. Beneath the pdf link is a detailed explanation of how to print your calendar pages so they come out right. It's easy to do. Enjoy!

To get a closeup view of any individual month photo, click on the thumbnail picture shown on the left side.

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Because the pdf file is for high resolution printing and contains many photos it's fairly large – about 22mb. So, if you don't have a high-speed connection don't be concerned that it takes awhile to download.

Printing instructions for the 2012 Toynota/Rangerville Calendar:

Note that it only costs about $3 to have a calendar bound and a hole punched in it at most copy places, including Office Depot, Kinkos and Office Max. Alternatively, you can use your own hole punch and ribbon or twist ties to hold the two halves together.

You'll find that if you print onto any kind of card stock paper the photos will look just fine. Do not use photo paper, since you won't be able to print onto the non-photo side of it successfully. Remember to print in landscape mode, not portrait!

Remember: The calendar pages need to be printed so that opposite sides are upside down from each other. That way, when the calendar is put together it will read correctly; i.e., when you lift up the month of January from the bottom edge, the photo on the opposite side will be right side up. Note that the hole for hanging will end up at the bottom of the cover and all the calendar month pages, but at the top of the all the pages with photos.

Printing Tips: Print the odd pages first (there's a setting in your printer dialog that allows this). This will be the cover plus the 'days of the month' pages. In addition, it's much easier to keep the pages in the correct order. Then, making sure the pages are in the right order, print the even-numbered pages onto the back sides. For most printers, the setting for the second run-through is to print all even numbered pages in reverse order.

Before you print the second sides, remove the bonus month of January 2013. Nothing prints on the back of it. Next, put the sheets you printed the months onto back into your printer such that the top of the days of the month pages will end up being upside down from the photos on the back of each page. (Look at a calendar on your wall if you wonder what this means...)

If you don't already know which way to put your paper back in, do a back/front set of test pages first. Also, keep track of which order the pages print in, so you'll know when printing the second sides whether to print in normal order, or reverse order (most printers). The calendar is set up so page two is on the back of page one, etc. However, if you get it wrong it doesn't really matter all that much which month backs up onto which photo, right?

If you have questions, feel free to give me a call at 360-724-7355, or send an email to ranger@rangerville.com.

Hope you enjoy the calendar! Feel free to forward this web page link to anyone you know who might want an unusual 2012 calendar.