Yes, even though you call him Mr. Turquoise,
I just call him on time for supper.

Mr. T's Mom How nice of you to stop in and see me, especially since I don't get out all that often any more. Once upon a time, I was on the go at the drop of a magic hat. That's because of the lovable lunk that all of you know and love as Mr. Turquoise.

He absolutely put me onto a pedestal and, although I did enjoy it, I would get so tired standing up there that I was always looking for someplace to go.

I talked to Mr. T about my problem, though, and he went right out and got this nice frame for me to stay in. He's such a good boy!

Now it's so cozy here that I don't have any reason to leave, unless he and I go out clowning together somewhere. Besides, there's not much need to go anywhere else when one is part of the World Wide Web. I have all sorts of places I can go to from right here, spots that are simply loads of fun.

If you or your pals know of some fun sites on the Net where I should visit, too, please send us a note telling us where they are. I'll ask Mr. Turquoise to put in a link so that all of us may go there.

Until then, do like I taught Mr. Turquoise and remember to always

Kiss your Mom every day,

Use plenty of glitter,