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Regnar the Pirate

Arrghhh! Let's Heave Ho To A Party...

I be Regnar, the Toy Pirate, takin' the helm for this year's Regnarville Party. If you've wanted to be a pirate, or perhaps one o' them islander wenches what keep a pirate's sails a' billowin' off the mast, here's the time fer it.

Treasure Chest

We'll be holystonin' the decks and rollin' out the treasure chest on September 19th, which as yer know is rightly International Talk Like A Pirate Day. So's you know, there'll be some booty fer them as has the best pirattanical attitude, piratey sartorial splendour and piratespeak, and alser fer the winners of sum other piratey-tanical games.

Here's whets else ya's need to know...


We'll fetch up a haunch o' turkey and some good grog fer sharin' wit the crew what shows up. High tide fer sailin' in will be 3pm an' ya best be parkin' yer sloops in the field down south where the signal flags say or it's Davy Jones Locker wit yer.

TOYNOTABOAT Don't be afeared, cuz the good ship TOYNOTA we'll be usin' as the dingy to pick youse up.

Bring some good vittles fer sharin' and a pint or so from the locker if yer so inclined. Be dressin' warm now or yew'll catch a chill fer certin, and carry a lamp agin the dark of nite.

Leave yer dogs ashore but the wee ones can tag along sure. Throw onboard some nice togs what don't rightly fit yer an' mebbe ya kin swap fer others what do. Yer kin bring a tin or so of vittles to be givin' to the Food Fer Poor Pirate's Sociation if'n yer able.

If yule be stayin' the nite, toss in some extra pervisions fer mornin' and let me know so's I kin plan fer ya.

In case as yew dunno where's Regnarville on the charts, send me a message or call across the water to 724-7355.

PS Fer a reminder yew kin put onta yer 'frige, click here.