Your Sourdough Buddies Will Be Glad To Make A Wide Variety Of Other Stuff!


Sourdough can be added to most cookie recipes, although typically a little extra flour is needed to obtain the correct consistency. It will not only flavor the cookies, but will also make them more chewy. Since I personally can't figure why anyone would want cookies which are chewier, rather than as crispy as possible, I personally don't put it into cookies. Suit yourself, of course. After all, these are now your pets and you can train them to do whatever you want.

Making Other Stuff

Although they are, of course, best at making you some extra dough, you can teach your sourdough pets to perform many other useful tricks. As examples, they simply love being used for steering wheel covers, bookmarks, shoe liners, deodorant substitute and much, much more.

Rather than list all of these, which would take up an extraordinary amount of space even on the Internet, this is an area in which I encourage you to do your own experimentation. Suffice it to say that if you ask something of them, they will do their utmost to come through for you. If you find something which is particularly suited to their broad tastes, let me know. By e-mail, not in person...

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