Yer Hosts, Regnar 'n Cap'n Coyote

Arrghhh! We Had A Great Piratanical Party...

About 300 pirate types showed up for the Regnarville Pirate Party on September 19th, International Talk Like a Pirate Day. As yer know, the fun wuz hosted by Regnar the Toy Pirate and his beautiful companion, Cap'n Coyote.

Thanks so much fer all them what helped get ready fer the party, 'n them what helped clean up after. There wuz lotsa good musicians to be thankin', too, as well as Anna, that beautious island wench who did such incredible fire spinnin'.

Jolly Roger and Robbie made the sound system work fer us great, and Jan's spirit song to bless us at the brunch was enuf to make even an ol' pirate shed a tear. Without folks 'a helpin' there jus' couldn't be any party happenin', that's fer sure!

Treasure Chest

Congratulations to Steve whose guess of 640 wuz the closest to the kerrect amount of candy plus toys on the good ship TOYNOTA. The actual number wuz 671, with 483 of those being toys on TOYNOTA, 'n the rest candy.

By the way, Ed Martin lost his digital camera summwheres, maybe in a pair 'o white pants at the clothing swap, so if'n yer got it be sure to let us know. Many thanks alser to them what brought food fer the food bank.

There's alser a few bowls 'n other stuff still hangin' about, so if yew left sumthin' by accident 'n want it back, yew best be sendin' us a message or givin' a call to 724-7355, er we be givin' it to the Pirate's Charity.

If yer want'n to see what kind 'o fun was had by those what shewed up, just yew be lookin' at the photos what was took of the event. Plus, if yew be wantin' one 'r more high resolution pictures emailed to's yer, jus' be lettin' us know the number fer the ones yew be wantin'. Or, if yew be havin' some pictures yew be wantin' to share, jus' email 'em this direction.

Heather Pics Heather Pics

If ye be lookin' ahead to next year, word off the horizon is that Ranger be settin' a tentative party date 'o June the 5th. The party will celebrate Ranger gettin' to be 60 years here on the planet 'o earth. The theme will be 'back to the 60's,' so yew may want to be plannin' yer time 'n yer costume.

Wishin' yer all the best,
Cap'n Coyote 'n Regnar the Toy Pirate

PS If'n yew be wantin' to look back at the invitation fer the 2009 party, jus' yew be click'n here.