Fancy Toppings and Other Variations Are Fun and Easy To Do With Sourdough!

Variations On The Theme

There are many 'extra' ingredients you can add to pancakes or waffles. These are good both for a change of pace or if you are out of regular flour. Be cautious about replenishing your starter with anything besides regular flour, though.

You can experiment with adding buckwheat, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, rice, and more if you want the resulting-flavored breakfast. Just counteract the dry ingredients with enough milk to get you back to the desired consistency. If you find one that you particularly like, let me know about it.

Topping It All Off

There are as many kinds of special toppings for sourdough as there are special sourdough cooks. I'm always interested in hearing about more. Here are some of what my father called 'good standbys.'

Apple: grate or core and slice thin. Put into batter or drop onto uncooked side before turning.

Blueberry: Drain well unless, like some of us, you like blue-colored pancakes. Add to batter or to uncooked side.

Strawberry: Top finished product with strawberries (perhaps laced with Cointreau for that adult touch) and whipped cream.

Banana: Slice them up or mash and add to batter or to uncooked side.

Nutty: Add up to a cup of some kind of nuts to batter. (If you top with coffee flavored ice cream, chocolate sauce, etc., be sure to call to let me know what time you will be serving.)

Blintzes/French Pancakes: Make batter extra thin, fill with fruit, jam/butter mixture, sugared sour cream, etc., before rolling up to eat. For extra lightness, fold beaten egg whites into batter just prior to cooking.

Have a favorite? Let me know.

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