How To Cook Like A Gourmet
Using Billions Upon Billions Of

I was introduced to the magic of sourdough at an early age... my father, a bona-fide Alaskan 'Sourdough.' Yes, I'm told that he did sleep with his sourdough 'sponge' in the winter to keep it from freezing! He had a construction job cobbling together worker housing for the people who were building the railroad around Whitehorse and Dawson Creek. I know this: He could entertain adults and kids alike for hours with his many Alaskan stories.

Dad was also a gourmet chef, so when it came to cooking with sourdough he really knew his stuff (and his stuffings!). Sourdough starter is surprisingly easy to care for and keep going, even though there are several billion sourdough critters in just one jar full of sponge mixture. If you really enjoy a terrific waffle, pancake or loaf of fresh sourdough bread, there is no easier or tastier way to make them than by using sourdough. If you already have a starter, feel free to use any of the following instructions and recipes. You're also welcome to pass them along to your friends and neighbors with a pinch of your starter to get them going. All I ask is that you don't distribute this information for sale in any way.

I also offer an illustrated recipe booklet with real paper pages, along with some of my starter, for $8.95 (plus $.73 for postage, a grand total of $9.73). Just post me a note, and I'll get a package on the way to you. Then you won't have to go online to read the recipes. It's also a small price to pay to keep sourdough out of your keyboard...

The booklet and starter have so far been a hit with all who have received them, and the package also makes a wonderful and unique gift (if you can stand to part with these lovable critters when your package arrives). Just let me know you want to try cooking with sourdough and I'll get your package on the way. By the way, I guarantee your complete satisfaction, so you can feel completely free to give it a try. The sponge lasts for about 6 weeks between uses, so it is really quite easy to take care of when you know how. I've had my current one going for over 15 years. If your sourdough starter critters 'expire' at any time in the future, however, I'll be glad to replace them for you.

So, go wash up and let's get cooking!

  • Feeding and Introduction to the Basics
  • Making Pancakes
  • Making Waffles
  • Pancake and Waffle Toppings and Variations
  • Making Bread
  • Making Other Stuff
  • Some Final Tips and Tricks
  • Sourdough Recipes from Net Readers

  • Comments? Have more recipes? Want to order some starter and an illustrated recipe booklet? Let me know!

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